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123, Huntington Ave
Cambridge, MA, United States

Office Receptionist

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Job ID: 25
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Posted: 01.24.2013


Administrative-Clerical : Administrative Support, Claims Processing, Data Entry-Order Processing, Executive Support, Filing-Records Management, General-Other: Administrative-Clerical, Office Management, Property Management

Job Description:

We're looking for an able to multi task person to work as office receptionist in our developing company.

The Office Receptionist would be responsible for the following duties:
Schedules patient appointments.
Enters appointment date and time into computerized scheduler.
Records when appointments have been filled or canceled.
Telephones patients to remind them of appointments.
Telephones patients to reschedule missed appointments.
Calls patient referrals to solicit services.

Job Requirements:

The following features are recuired:

Personable and friendly
Good communication skills (written and verbal)
Computer knowledge
Professional, motivated, energetic.
Must be punctual and dependable
Able to multi task
Strong customer service ethic