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The Newest 3.4 Version of SmartJobBoard Software is Released!

Posted: 09.28.2011

SmartJobBoard team informs about the launch of the newest 3.4 software version.

The SmartJobBoard developers have paid most of their attention to make the 3.4 version more user-friendly and tailor it to the specific needs of modern Job Board owners. The newest version contains a number of useful plugins, enhanced features and vital improvements.

Below is the list of some of the newly released features:

•    Form Builder
•    Polls
•    Google Login
•    Autocomplete
•    Time zone setting
•    Profile Deletion Reason
•    Beyond Plugin
•    Compatibility with IIS, Lighttpd, Zeus, LiteSpeed


The full list of the new features and improvements can be found in our changelog.
Check our live Demo to see the version 3.4 in action.

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